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CygniLink Technology for Advanced Communication
Connectivity . . .
  • Network Efficiency
    Network Efficiency utilizes a single network for both voice and data.
  • Transparent Networking
    Link multiple business locations to provide feature transparency between communication servers which improve employee collaboration and communication.
  • Shared Resources
    Share resources such as trunks, operator services and voice mail.
  • Failover and Redundancy
    Automatic failover and redundancy is provided when connecting communication servers with CygniLink.
  • Peer-to-Peer IP Communication
    IP terminals communicate by Peer-to-Peer, which means that the IP terminals participating in a call are connected directly to each other over an IP network. The signals travel through the IP network, not through a telephone switch as in traditional telephony.
Manageability . . .
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership
    Reduce the expense of initial setup, moves, adds and changes with our intuitive programming interface.
  • Reduce Future Cost of Ownership
    Today’s investment is protected for tomorrow. The UX5000 is designed to transition to new technologies as the need arises. No need to replace an entire system to accommodate changes in your business requirements. The UX5000 allows you to protect the company’s investment with modular expansion and technology updates as your business grows.
  • Dual CPU Option
    Provides redundancy ensuring communication server survivability.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Easily maintain all communication servers on the network from a single location, connected to the network locally or remotely.
  • Choice of Either IP or Digital Terminals
    Whether your business communications are pure IP or any combination of IP and traditional circuit - switched technology, NEC provides a full line of terminals that will meet your needs. Because the user interface and the terminal functionality remain the same for IP or digital versions, employees can easily transition between models.
Usability . . .
  • IP Terminals
    Whether you are in your home office or on the road, an IP terminal offers all the same feature-rich capabilities as your desktop terminal. Users can place, receive, or transfer calls as if sitting at a desk in the office.
  • UX Soft Phone
    With the UX Soft Phone application, a computer becomes an IP terminal and all features of the office terminal are available with the click of a mouse. Mobile workers can place calls, receive calls or check voice mail while away from the office. Adding a web cam can deliver video between another camera equipped soft phone.
  • Color Touch Screen
    Color Touch Screen, provided by the IP-CTS Terminal offers intuitive icon-based feature operation and graphical XML support for a superior user experience.
  • Paperless Key Labeling
    Select terminal models provide paperless key labeling. Key labels automatically change as the button functions are customized.
  • Custom Terminal Options
    Customized terminal options are available for specialized applications including enlarged dial pad, selectable font size, labeling options and more . . .

Note: IP network parameters such as QoS, delay and jitter may affect the quality of VoIP.


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